Who We Are

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide hope and esteem to the people of Africa while helping you grow your business with highly educated, English speaking virtual teams at up to 70% savings on average.


Our Culture

Our “Growing Together” culture is aimed at creating an inclusive growth-driven approach for all our team members.

Our Customers

Our customers are very essential to our success and are the key to us remaining in business. These include:

Our Commitment

We will commit to…:

Creating a conducive work environment that promotes productivity and empowers employees to reach our clients’ goals. We believe our business operations result in a Win for our clients, a Win for our employees and a Win for the ministries that we support around the world.

Our Communication


We will be available to assist you. We will call you back as soon as we get your voice message or text message, usually within two hours during business hours. 


We will be available to assist you on email and will respond to all email communication, usually  within 2 hours during business hours.. 

Customer Feedback/Complaints 

We will provide multiple platforms for clients to provide their feedback. Once feedback is received, we will acknowledge receipt within 1 business day.

Our principles

Help us serve you better

  • We will be open to feedback on our performance and suggestions for improvement from our clients. Where we can, we will make adjustments to our programs and services based on information received. 
  • We will provide convenient platforms for our clients to provide their feedback.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if we do not meet your expectations. We will resolve issues satisfactorily and promptly.
  • To help us give you the best possible service, we welcome suggestions for improvement to address any difficulties you are experiencing. 
  • When we can’t accommodate your request, we will work with you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. 
  • Our door is always open. We would love to hear how your experience with us has been.

To meet our obligation.

  • Clear communication, specifications of your requirements in order for us to get the best placement for you. 
  • open communication regarding any issues that may arise with our employee. 
  • Professionalism in dealing with us and our team members (the employee).
  • Up to date payments.

Contact us

If for any reason you feel you have not been handled satisfactorily please contact our Customer Experience Director: 

Cleo Sibve


+19402274578 (direct line)