Easy Dental Billing : Outsourcing for Dentists

What matters when taking care of others is being the best at what you do. As a dental office, your number one goal is to serve your patients. Providing the best care possible is your number one priority. Outsourcing for dentists is a step you need to take for your Dental Practice.

Dental insurance and billing are enormous tasks. Handling these correctly helps the dental practice become profitable.

As your dental practice grows, so does the need for resources. Specific tasks arise that require human, time, or financial resources that come at a high cost. This is not sustainable for the news practices.

However, outsourcing dental insurance verification and dental billing solutions provide a way for practice owners to find international top talent. At a considerably low-cost outsourcing cuts on the trouble of employing locally.

Outsourcing dental insurance verification and billing saves you and your staff from the tiresome processes. Verification can take up enough time that may be needed to focus on patients SupportDDS is an outsourcing company with experts in various dental back-office duties. Their jobs involve easing dental practices administrative responsibilities.

Handing your dental insurance verifications over to an offsite team makes it easier for you and your team members to focus on patients. You also save money on hiring a dental insurance expert, allowing for additional revenue. Outsourced insurance verification services do not require the training, salary, benefits, or taxes of a traditional employee. You also do not have to worry about the turnover rate or absences since you have an entire office working for your practice, not simply a single individual.

When choosing an outsourcing company, it’s important to make sure that they only focus on dental services. In many cases, outsourcing companies are really just expensive answering machines that don’t make an effort to learn the nuances of your field. This could result in poor patient experiences that reduce your overall base.

Furthermore, calculations of patient benefits, their entitled claims, co-payments, and many more all make up the repetitive often-long dental insurance verification process.

When should you start outsourcing dental insurance verification and billing?

What would be the impact of a 75% saving, in your monthly payroll, on your dental practice?

If your answer is a huge impact, then you might want to continue reading.

Knowing when to outsource dental billing and insurance verification services can set your practice apart from the rest if you act on it.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can determine if your practice needs to outsource some tasks such as insurance verification and billing to dental outsourcing companies.

Ask yourself this:

  • How many insurance verifications does my team do daily?
  • How many successful claims go through?
  • Is this affecting my team’s productivity?
  • How can I improve the process?
  • Do I need help?

These questions are a great starting point and will help you have a clear picture of what is going on and how it can be improved. You will then be able to find a team dedicated to the process of outsourcing for dentists.

You should consider outsourcing dental insurance verification and billing when;

Two reasons why outsourcing for dentists is important

1) Control

The dental industry like any other business is subject to negatives like embezzlement, fraud, and other crimes.  Outsourcing this part of the dental practice is one step toward protecting you and your interests. Having someone outside the office handling the insurance money and billing without physically touching the check seems to diminish temptation. It keeps your office team honest because they’re aware there is a third party watching the insurance claims going out and checks to come in, so there’s an increased chance someone will catch anything suspicious.

2) More focus from the staff

Verifications and billing are like a whirlpool. Once you are in it’s difficult to come out. Dental employees can get on the phone and spend hours with insurance companies, which is not fun and can frustrate the team, and that attitude projects to patients. Outsourcing for dentists keeps your on-the-ground team in good spirits to deal with clients. I prefer to keep my staff off the phone with insurance companies as much as possible so I can keep them focused on what’s important and not bring down the office morale.

At Support DDS, we understand that growing dental practices can get inundated with repetitive tasks such as Insurance Verification. That’s why we provide trained team members that are dedicated to your practice alone. This frees up your time and enables you to provide the best patient experience.